2017 4-H Clinics    


Download the 2017 Packing Brochure in PDF for the Packing Clinics.
Packing Manual in PDF.

LOCATION: Clinics I and II will be held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, east Exhibit Building by the main parking lot. Clinics III and IV will be held at the Circle L Arena, which is indoor and heated. Clinic V will be held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds indoor and outdoor arena.

Clinic I: Thursday - January 12, 2017 Fairgrounds Exhibit Building #4
Clinic II: Thursday - January 26, 2017 Fairgrounds Exhibit Building #4
Clinic III: Saturday – February 18 , 2017 Circle L Arena 9:00 – 3:00  (Canceled)
Clinic IV: March 11th at the Circle L (9:00 am – 3:00 pm). Clinic Animals Only.
Clinic V: Saturday - April 8, 2017 Rafter K ???, clinic will be 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Clinic VI: Saturday - May 20, 2017 Fairgrounds, indoor arena, clinic will be 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. This will be the skills test to determine who is ready for the OTO trail ride/pack weekend and ultimately the 2017 pack trip.

OTO Ride: June 16-18

Poker Ride: July 8th,2017. If anyone is interested in joining the Gallatin Valley Back Country Horseman on their annual “trail” poker ride, this is an opportunity to ride with some family & friends. The backcountry horseman are looking for at least 4-6 volunteers to help with the event. If you can help please let me know and I will pass your name onto the GVBCH members that are organizing the event.

Fair: TBD, 7 pm- 9 pm. We have the large outdoor Anderson Arena at the fairgrounds scheduled so will focus on a fun event!! This will be a chance to showcase the groups skills and thank our sponsors for their support in this public event. There will be ribbons and prizes.

Examples of individual projects

Skills Test / Packing Challenge

Pack Trip: Will be held at the OTO guest ranch, cabins available, and a spike camp above for those wanting a more “backcountry” trip. We will be getting plans finalized for that event after July 4th, so please RSVP if you have not by that time. The OTO ranch  was the first and oldest dude ranch in Montana. A land exchange many years ago enabled the FS to acquire this historic site. It is now national forest land. There are ten sleeping cabins and a cook house that are all quite useable. We looked at trails out of the OTO and found some old outfitter trails that will make a nice 5 mile loop. There also is the FS mainline trail # 72 which accesses the high country. We found a good spot for a spike camp about 2 miles from the base camp. With spectacular scenery and great accommodations, it looks like the OTO ranch has the makings of a great place to host this year's 4-H pack trip. It may also be the beginning of a great host place for years to come. We thank Walt Allen for this most generous offer.

Dates and locations of clinics subject to change.


General Information
Breaks and snacks will be provided as needed.

Who should attend
For questions please contact:
Greg Benjamin Phone: 406-580-9574 E-mail: gbenjamin@seaeng.com