Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen

30th Annual Poker Ride July 8th 2017


Count down to the Poker Ride

The pre-registration for the Poker Ride is now closed. Please come to the registration tent at Bridger Bowl on July 8th to register for the ride.

More Info: Contact Committee Chair: Tamara Erickson


Grab your horse and let's play poker!  The Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen would like to invite you to our 30th Annual Poker Ride.

Time, Cost and Place

For those of you new to the sport let me explain the rules. You don't need to know how to play poker, but you do need a horse.  You, your horse and all of your riding buddies should arrive on July 8th  at  the Bridger Ski Bowl Parking lot. Registration is from 8:00- 10:00; you can begin to ride between 8:30 and 10:30.  If you show up at the registration tent after 10:00 you will need to draw all of your cards at that time. One poker hand, along with lunch and a chance to win great prizes is $20.00 if you pre-register and $25 if you register the day of the ride. Lunch alone is $10. If you have children under 12 you can register them for $10 each but they are not elgible for a poker hand prize. The children will however be included in the general prize drawing and have access to lunch. The trail is well marked and about 10 miles in length with blue colored tape and requires about 4 hours to ride.

Poker Ride Defined

Whoa, wait a minute, don't get ahead of the trail boss here. Before you ride out, register and pick up a map and tally sheet and draw your first card. Mount  up and follow the marked trail for a few miles through the beautiful Bridger Mountains to the first stop where coolers with cold drinks and cards await. Friendly folks allow you to tie up, rest a spell, chat, have a cold drink and select another card for your hand. You will discover three of these "stops" along the route. When you arrive back in camp following the marked trail loop you will draw your fifth and last card. Turn your "hand" in to the Back Country Horsemen and head for the lunch tent. A hearty chicken dinner will be served, including cold drinks, beans, cole slaw, and dessert.  You will be givin a chance to draw three more cards for $5 each to enhance your poker hand. Winning hands are announced at 3:00pm. 


Everyone is guaranteed a good time but a good poker hand can get you a mighty nice prize. We would like to thank our generous sponsors that make this ride possible.

Other ways to win

You can buy tickets for a 50/50 drawing to be awarded before the main poker prize is announced. The winner of the 50/50 drawing splits the proceeds with the chapter. You can also bid on our silent auction items and take home one of the more expensive donations. Please don't forget to check before you leave to find out if you had the highest bid for an item.

Proceeds Support Trail Work

The proceeds from the event help the Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen to maintain regional trails. Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen have maintained the Spanish Creek trails since 1985. 

Back Country Horsemen Mission

GVBCH is an affiliate chapter of both the Back Country Horsemen of Montana and the Back Country Horsemen of America. This is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to:
Perpetuate enjoyable, common sense use of horses in the backcountry.
Assist government agencies in their maintenance and management of resources, ensure  that the Public Land Resource remains open to recreations stock use.
Educate, encourage, and solicit active public participation in the wise and sustaining use of horses in accordance with our heritage and the backcountry resources.

Important Ride Restrictions

Everyone and their horse is welcome when they register and sign a release. Sorry we cannot permit dogs or stallions to participate.  All minor children must have a signed parental release to participate. All participants are subject to Montana's Equine Liability law.

We hope to see you all on the trail and good luck!

Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen, Post Office Box 3232, Bozeman, Montana 59772